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Welcome to our Law firm


Skjerve-Nielssen & Co Law firms mission is to understand and work in the best of our clients’ interests, and give our legal advices in accordance with this. We provide not just legal assessment but also strategic, in corporation between legal and business purposes.

We are handling corporate legal matters, with special experience within:

  • contract law
  • transactions
  • compensation law
  • negotiations
  • disputes

We are mainly working in the sectors of; real estate/enterprise (property development), trade/industry and bank & finance.

Proud member of the international organisation IR Global, within Corporate Law.

One of the oldest Law Firms in Oslo, small and dedicated, with fulfilling expertise and a great «track record» at court. Well-known Supreme Court sentences related to tax exemption for foundations and the non-statutory duty of loyalty in labour contracts. The biggest compensation case in Norwegian history: The Sleipner platform casualty.

Contact; +47 22411280 / + 47 40878950 /

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